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FAQ BIKE - Roul' Ma Poule

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Helmets INCLUDED for CHILDREN, ADULTS if needed!



Why rent a bike at ROUL’ ma POULE ? and Why Ride on the Annecy Lake Cycle Track?

It is possible to RENT different types of Bikes and different sizes at ROUL ‘ma POULE:
COMFORT VTC (Red), VTC SPORT (Blue), VTC Mini Bike (Green), FITNESS Bikes (Black / Green), E-Bikes Electric Bicycle Assisted (with Bosch System, Blue or Green), TANDEMS Alu Disc brakes, CHILDREN Light Bikes (4 – 12 years old), CHILDREN’S Trailer (12 months – 7 years old) or (16 months – 8 years old), ANIMAL Trailer (35 kg Maxi) Accessory … The Bikes offered are last generation and VERY GOOD QUALITY! These Bikes are intended for RENT and to circulate on the bike lane bordering Lake Annecy or around Lake Annecy. They are made in France, Spain, Switzerland according to the brands of which some, with a specification made House “way ROUL ‘my POULE”. These bikes are mounted from Alu frames, both lightweight, customized to provide you with maximum comfort and safety. They are very Rolling, Nervous, Handy equipped with anti-puncture tires, double-walled aluminum rims, some of which equipped with AV racks, with front and rear mudguard, light and strong luggage rack (from 18 to 30 kg in load), 24 to 27 Shimano Altus / Acera / Nexus speeds, V-brake aluminum or Shimano hydrostatic disc brakes, VTC freeze or comfort saddles, Aluminum and non-slip pedals, Comfort grips, Drum doors, AR rear derailleur protections, Adjustable seat clamps, Equipped with crutches, bells, lights … REVISED and CONTROLLED and CLEANED DAILY!



How long can we RENT Bikes at ROUL ‘ma POULE ?

At ROUL ‘my POULE Annecy or Annecy le vieux; We offer all possible formulas, being OPEN in NON STOP: from the rental 1 hour, 2 hours, +2 to 4:00, or + 4h or Day, then 24 hours, 2 days, 3 days … and at the rental long lasting over several Weeks, or Maximum 1 Month, for some model of Bikes!? (to see on Place !)



Or Cycling on Annecy and in the region?

It is possible to Ride, discover cycling In Haute-Savoie and Savoy, where everyone can express their passion for cycling: BIKE Ride on the edge of Lake Annecy: Annecy and its Green Way (Cycling Path) accéssible Family bordering the Lake, or more Sports The Lake Annecy Tour. The Aiguebelette Lake Tour, the Lake Bourget Greenway …> CYCLING TOUR Climb the mythical Passes: Forclaz Pass, Leschaux Pass, Montée du Semnoz, Col du Marais Pass, Col de L’Iseran, Col du Galibier , The Cornet of Roselend, the Col de Joux-Plane, The Col de la Colombière … The possibilities are endless. With more than a hundred marked cycle routes for all levels combined with greenways, rustic routes and cycle routes, nearly 110 cycling routes are available in the Savoie Mont Blanc region to cycling enthusiasts.
Look, Choose your different routes Cycling, Cycling, Mountain biking, Hiking … classified by level of difficulty: Green, Blue, Red, Black.
A maximum of information also via the SAVOIE MONT BLANC Website:



What is the Green Lane along Lake Annecy or the Annecy Cycle Path ?

It is one of the oldest greenways in France. It allows to discover an exceptional environment from 2 to 99 years at the reach of all publics. The first part runs along the lake and its beaches. Round-trip independent way of car traffic, shared by the Roller Bikes and Pedestrians. Starting from Annecy facing Roul ‘ma Poule, you will cross Sevrier 5 km (water point), St Jorioz 9 km (water point), Duingt 12 km, Brédannaz 14 km (Toilets and water) , Doussard 19 km, and pass in the department of Savoy shortly after Marlens 30 km and finally arrive at Ugine, the end of the greenway, after 35 km. Altitude difference 50 m.



Can we do the Lake Annecy Bike Tour and How ?

Yes, it is possible to cycle around Lake Annecy. The Annecy Lake Tour is 40 kms with a difference of 552 m. This is one of the most beautiful bike tours in France, with an almost constant view of Lake Annecy and half a course on one of the oldest greenways in France. Part of it is a bike ride, cycle lane, and bike path, bordering the lake. It is advisable to do this course in the direction of the Needles of a watch. (+ Easy!) Or conversely for the Sportsmen !!! Up to you ? To leave in the morning before the heat; Take sunscreen and swimsuit! Starting from ROUL ‘my POOL Annecy, go to the bridge of love, and cross the lawns of “Pâquier” to Annecy the Old 2 km by the edge of the lake. Leave the main road D909 at the fourth kilometer after the small climb to Chavoire (Follow the sign> Go right and go down); Cross Veyrier Lake 4 km (between the Villas), Menthon-St-Bernard 7 km (lake) and catch up with the D909 passing the hotel Palace de Menthon. After having joined the D909 and the new section of cycle track that goes up to Talloires 10 km, climb again until the crossroads of Talloires and the collar of Forclaz. Finally, start the narrow and tortuous descent of Talloires. Then direction Doussard 20 km and its end of the lake. The suite is a dream, both along the east shore of Petit Lac where there are plenty of places to swim, and on the greenway built on an old railway line. Possibility to find a water point and toilets in the old station Brédannaz 30 km, then a fountain after the passage of the Duingt tunnel 32 km, then a second fountain in St-Jorioz 35 km. You will also find several picnic tables here and there. Your tour will end after the bypass of the port of Annecy, and near the pedal boats and the end of the bike path.



Are there any DOCUMENTS to RENT Equipment at ROUL’ ma POULE ?

Yes, you have to be able to justify your identity, be a major to rent equipment. You must bring either: A piece of Identity, or a Driving License, or a Passport, or a Gray Card. It will also Fill a Rental Agreement and Sign and be able to leave a deposit if she asked you! ??? either in CB (Bancaire Bancaire PLB +), ESP or CHECK + ID. The amount of the deposit may vary between € 150 to € 1500 depending on the equipment RENT !!!



Why, For whom, How to RENT a “E-BIKE” or Electric Bike ?

It is possible to rent a E-Bike at ROUL ‘ma POULE, with the aim of simplifying or facilitating bike outing. This type of bike Comfort or Sport has a variable autonomy of 70 to 120 kms, according to its User and the Relief met. This type of material is intended for adult adults only. At ROUL ‘ma POULE, this bike is equipped with a baggage rack AR, to support a backpack, but it will be IMPOSSIBLE to adapt a Children Seat on it or Children Trailer for renting !!! TOO DANGEROUS for this Multiple Use related to our Cycling Track and these Obstacles !!!



Or should we bring back the Bikes, the Equipment RENTED? From Departure Point or else where ?

Yes, it is imperative to bring the rental equipment to the same store ROUL ‘my POULE Annecy or Annecy le Vieux, at the same starting point where was rented the same equipment



What are the Conditions of RENT and Insurance Obligations ?

Anyone wishing to RENT equipment at ROUL ‘ma POULE, has the obligation to have a Personal Liability Insurance. The customer agrees via the rental agreement to Restore the RENTED Equipment, in the same state that it has taken. Any Expenses caused by Degradation of equipment, damage or theft will be the responsibility of the Customer responsible for the rented equipment. Repairs made outside the ROUL ‘ma POULE stores will not be refundable, unless prior agreement of the renter. In case of accident or theft; The customer has the obligation to inform ROUL ‘my POULE within 24 hours. ROUL ‘ma POULE also has professional insurance in case of equipment failure. Qualified Professionals (Technicians Cycles) maintain all the equipment.



From What Minimum Age, Can We Put a Child in a Baby Carrier behind a Bike or in a Child Trailer 1 to 2 places at ROUL’ ma POULE ?

From What Minimum Age, Can We Put a Child in a Baby Carrier behind a Bike or in a Child Trailer 1 to 2 places at ROUL ‘ma POULE?
The Minimum Age Required for Going to the Child Seat is: 12 Months Minimum to 5 years Maxi and 22 Kg Max. For Trailer Kids we offer 2 types of Trailers: 1 Trailer for 1 or 2 Children from 12 months to 7 years or 1 Trailer for 1 or 2 Children from 16 months to 8 years Maxi with 35 Kg Max Load. We try as PROFESSIONAL RENTOR to RENT Material adapted to the request and especially corresponding to the use and the intended use for the SAFETY of All and All! Good understanding to you! (PS: We are also parents!)



Thank you for your understanding, Have a nice trip, Have a nice holiday !

Helmets INCLUDED for CHILDREN, ADULTS if needed!




– Cycling without a helmet for a child under 12 years old.
– Cycling on pedestrian crossings.
– Climb or descend sidewalks on the bike.
– Carry a person on the luggage rack.
– To sublet the Equipment.
– Extend the rental period without prior approval of the store.